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Choose your studies at the Vistula University! It is composed of the Academy of Finance and Business Vistula and the Vistula School of Hospitality (formerly Warsaw School of Tourism and Hospitality Management) - renowned, well-established universities, created by the best experts in Poland. They work closely with many companies, supporting the students’ entrepreneurship, what distinguishes them on the Polish educational market.

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Vistula University

Vistula University was founded in 1992 as the second non-public university in Poland. It derives from the tradition and experience of four academic institutions: University of Insurance and Banking (original name of Vistula University), the Higher School of Economics and Information, the European Academy of Arts and the School of Management joined in 2012-2015.

Vistula School of Hospitality

Vistula School of Hospitality (formerly Warsaw School of Tourism and Hospitality Management) was created by merging a few institutions. Mieczyslaw Orłowicz’s Higher School of Tourism and Recreation in Warsaw became its part as the first tourism university that received an honorary award of the Polish Chamber of Tourism "Globus '98" for its achievements in the education of tourist faculty in Poland. It has also been awarded the Medal of Merit for Tourism.

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