She is a journalist, food writer, performer and culinary curator.  Monika Kucia promotes noble Polish products and designs culinary trips around Poland, runs the Culinary Cultural Center,  co-creates New Epiphanies Festival and the European Festival of Taste in Lublin. She knows how to organize meetings around the table. She can guide you through a maze of flavors, smells and emotions.

Monika Kucia will tell you how she creates these wonderful culinary shows, who she works with, what inspires and engages her. Why she pours the golden dust over the cake made of leftovers,  includes ritual songs from Polesie, how she feeds ghosts and talks about death. She will also talk about listening to potato music and traditional silesian dumplings, and about the idea that the kitchen is culture.

We invite you June 5, at 10:00 am, Aula  5

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