We cordially invite you to the lecture of Mrs. Marta Dunin-Michałówska, Chairman of the Agency Mea Group and Association of the Event Sphere, who will introduce the participants the "world of events". And tell you about the qualities of a good Event Manager and the challenges that await you in this exciting, but tough job that requires extensive knowledge of many disciplines, including marketing, PR, psychology, sociology, culture, etc.


During the meeting there will be introductory workshops for that ones who are interested in the secret keys of the specialty, because the event is not only a party, but also a tool.


It is worth to come and listen!


Active participation in this extraordinary meeting might bring an inspiration and encouragement to take the right decision in life for some, and for others, who already decided, confirm that this is what they want to do in the life.



The lecture will take place on January 21st. from 10.05 till 12.00 in the Auditorium 2 B.


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