Do you want to know how to effectively achive the objectives and how to change your habits? Take a part in a workshop about personal change, based on the Kaizen philosophy. The event is organized by operating in the Vistula Group of Universities Toastmasters Leaders Club for future leaders. The workshop will be led by Tomasz Miller, the coach of changes and marketing expert and Agata Skiba, a psychologist and trainer of changes. All participants will learn amongst others, troubleshooting techniques and learn how achieve great successes with small steps. The workshop will last 3 hours and will replace the usual Toastmasters Leaders meeting. After it all participants are welcome to joint afterparty in „Sypka Mąka” pub, near Stokłosy Metro Station at 9:15 pm.

We kindly invite you on Monday, March 27th, at 6 pm, in aula 2a in the campus of Vistula Group of Universities.

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