We invite all the students to participate in a Job Day fairs at the Vistula University in October 26th at 10:00-15:00. It will be a unique opportunity to meet recruiters and a possibility to talk with representatives of companies that will participate in the event. Those who bring their CV will also have the opportunity for direct application to the selected jobs from a variety of temporary and part time job offers.


The program will also include some surprises and tastings. During the Job Day a various companies and employment agencies such as GRUPACON company, EVER Group, Manpower, QLOC, Main Partners or Solid Security will also present the exact job offers.

The Job Day is sponsored by the bank Pekao S.A., supermarket Piotr i Paweł, as well as McDonald's and KFC.

We invite all the students and people who just begin to study to the Vistula University!

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