There are about 20 scientific clubs  in GUV. You can join them or create new ones. Combine business with pleasure.

You can develop your passions and skills. Additional activity at the university gives satisfaction, enriches the resume and student’s value on the labor market.

Studies are not enough today. It is necessary to distinguish. Involvement in the works of the science clubs guarantees this. Your horizons will widen, expertise will developed and applied in practice, you will gain experience.  Taking part in science clubs projects, you will establish valuable contacts, meet people and  understand the world.

Activity in the works of science clubs is a great asset in the opinion of employers. They know that this is a perfect way to develop independence, creativity, the ability to work under time pressure and stress.

For sports enthusiasts, we have the Academic Sports Association. Music lovers can find their place in the choir.

We invite you on October 17, 2018, from 10:00 to 14:00 on the ground floor.

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