We kindly invite you to the photo exhibition "Non-objective" – presenting nearly 50 large-scale photographic works, which are the dialogue of the present generation with the assumption of the abstract. The authors are students of the 2nd year of the European Faculty of Arts of the Vistula University. The tutor of the creative group and curator of the exhibition is lecturer and famous photographer Dr. Paweł Opaliński.

The exhibition at Vistula Gallery on the ground floor is the result of the work of the next generation of researchers investigating the "non-objective" properties of photography. Their ambitious creative intentions were to deny the possibility of computer manipulation, and the intrusion of graphics software needed in digital photography was limited only to basic operations: setting contrast, sharpening and formatting the image. So the exhibition presents a "pure" photograph – in which all artistic effects arise at the moment of shooting. In this kind of creative activity, the power and power of the resulting work depend only on the author's imagination and sensitivity and on his ability to master the creative tool of the camera.

As many creators, so many magical worlds arise – to watch them – we invite you warmly together with the authors of the exhibition.

Photos can be viewed until August 31st.

You can’t miss it!

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