Factors that threaten the European order, the new political identity of nations and the position of Poland in Europe will be the topics of a lecture by Prof. Jerzy Maria Nowak,  during the seminar „Polska dyplomacja w dobie europejskich nieporządków”.
Prof. Jerzy Maria Nowak is a diplomat with 50 years of experience and a longtime ambassador of Poland by NATO. He is a member of the Euro-Atlantic Association. He was the ambassador of RP, in: international organizations in Vienna, Spain, NATO and WEU in Brussels.
The event is organized by the Institute of International Relations of the Vistula University. The event is free and directed to students and lecturers of the Vistula Group of Universities and guests.
We invite you on February 20 at 10:00 am to the senate hall (21), on the campus of the Vistula Group of Universities. It will be led in Polish.
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