szlachetna paczka

Winter is coming! It’s a wonderful time for holidays, gifts and lovely atmosphere of mutual help. But there are people who need it more than others. So we are willing to take part in the Charity action
Szlachetna Paczka (The Noble Box). The main Idea of the Noble Box is to provide aid to struggling families during Christmas holidays in Poland.

It’s easy! The charity action will be held from 29.11 to 07.12 at our campus, Stokłosy 3. The boxes for the donation will be available in the several places at the university: in the lobby near the Reception and in the cafeteria. The Charity Boxes will be marked with a logo “Szlachetna Paczka”. You can leave long-term food, cleaning supplies in the big boxes or money in the small ones.

I. Food: Tea, Groats, Sugar, Coffee, Pasta, Oil, Rice, Flour, Canned Vegetables
II. Detergents: Washing powder, dishwashing liquid, soap/gel, cleaning liquid, shampoo
III. Clothing and footwear:
– winter jacket (L, longer, dark color)
– winter shoes (short, 38/39, on a flat sole)
The most important needs of Mrs. Magdalena are food, cleaning supplies and clothing.

Mrs. Magdalena (58 years old) lives alone, suffers from a mild motor disability, the fate wasn’t on her side and the series of unfortunate accidents made Mrs. Magdalena lose her health and her job. Mrs. Magdalena has two grown-up children, with whom she has no contact. In 2009, as a result of a bus accident, she suffered a shoulder injury and after has been fired from work. Because of the hard physical work, Mrs. Magdalena suffers from spinal disorders (lumbar and cervical spondylosis) and knee arthroplasty. These conditions prevented Mrs. Magdalena from finding a job. She does her best to increase her chances of getting back to work, she goes to rehabilitation, she explains to the employers what her situation is like, she is very sincere and it’s difficult for her to tell that she needs help, but it’s very much needed at this point in her life. If we help Mrs. Magda with food and clothing supplies, she will be able to save money on medicines and pay off the debts.

We count on you!

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