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Vistula University is strengthening its position of the innovative leader in education. The Foundation for the Development of Education and Higher Education Institutions has once again awarded us the “University of Leaders” certificate. In the 8th National Certification Program of Higher Education, VU received a platinum certificate as a university which distinguishes itself on the educational map of Poland on the grounds of the highest quality of provided education as well as its creativity and an innovative approach in implementing the social mission and building intellectual capital for the needs of modern economy. We have also been awarded an extraordinary distinction for “The highest quality of studies”.

This certificate bears witness to our role in educating social leaders, and to the fact that our study programs help our students develop their creativity, intellectual independence, decision-making skills, responsibility, communication and self-confidence. It is also proof that we educate in accordance with the needs and requirements of the labour market, in cooperation with the socio-economic environment.

The assessment was based on an analysis of data contained in the certification questionnaire and information which the reviewers obtained in other sources, such as the POLON system, the Polish Graduate Tracking System, the Polish Accreditation Commission, the Central Statistical Office and the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

As the Commission stated, the reputation of VU is unquestionable and the University is one of the first-choice entities from among prestigious higher education institutions in the areas of knowledge in which it provides graduate, post-graduate and doctoral education. This is confirmed by the University’s position in rankings. According to the “Perspektywy” magazine, Vistula University obtained the best result in terms of internationalization among the assessed public and non-public universities. Students from over 80 countries study at the university, and each of our majors is available in English. The program “Internships without borders”, which aims at improving the competence of International Relations students together with the project “I count on an internship”, which was launched to develop students’ skills in Economics as well as Finance and Accounting, received a great response from employers – over 70 percent of students got job offers.

The Commission pointed out that UV’s great asset is its didactic and academic staff consisting of business practitioners. It also highlighted the fact that recruitment in this area is conducted in stages, and one of the key aspects taken into account when hiring candidates is their professional experience and output acquired outside the university along with their practical experience. Apart from the Rector, prof. Witold Orłowski, a renowned economist, our faculty are experienced practitioners and professors of recognised standing, such as prof. Krzysztof Rybiński, former NBP vice-president, prof. Andrzej Olechowski, former Minister of Finance and Minister of Foreign Affairs, or a painter and graphic artist of international renown, prof. Antoni Fałat. According to the Commission, VU lecturers guarantee reliable and state-of-the-art knowledge and skills at a global level, thanks to which graduates of the University can easily compete in the international labour market.

The Commission emphasized an exceptional care of the University’s authorities for practical preparation of students to the demands of the international labour market. It indicated that VU had a prestigious ACCA certification, which allows to obtain – in addition to a university diploma – a professional title. During graduate studies, it is also possible to obtain language accreditations and specialist certificates.

“Public and non-public universities should draw on VU’s solutions, in particular in the field of cooperation with the socio-economic environment” – emphasized the Commission. Each specialty, educational programs and study plans are reviewed by representatives of the socio-economic environment. Students of particular specialties have at their disposal assistance in the person of a business mentor who provides them with contact with the environment. More than half of the diploma theses must concern practical market issues that can be implemented for the needs of companies and institutions cooperating with the University. All UV collegial bodies include representatives of the Business Council.

The Commission stressed that the University devotes substantial resource to make the mutual relations between the university and the market-business as efficient as possible. The evidence is a job fair organized twice a year, during which students have the opportunity to contact potential employers in person.

It was emphasized that a great example of strengthening the symbiosis of the University with its external environment is the E-Vistula project for E-students. It is a portal connecting employers and students. Its foundation is a reliable competence research program that helps to design an ideal career path and gives an advantage to VU students in the job market.

The Commission pointed out that the University is building an image of a prestigious institution educating for the global business. A great example here is the involvement of its students in servicing the Polish Expo 2017 pavilion in Astana.

The greatest scientific achievements of VU include, among others, creation of the Centre for Advanced Studies – an elite scientific centre conducting research on macroeconomic uncertainty with the participation of leading authorities in this field: Steven Hall of Univeristy of Leicester, Svetłana Makarova, PhD, from Univeristy Collage London, and Rafał Raciborski, PhD, from the European Commission. Attention was also paid to cyclical seminars, scientific conferences and meetings with international authorities in the fields of economics, business and management.

Obtaining the “University of Leaders” certificate is an honour and satisfaction for us. Education for the job market has always been one of our most important goals. Investing in the qualifications of university graduates is the most effective way to increase the country’s competitiveness level and thus accelerate the pace of its development.


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