Izabella Dzierżanowska, PhD
e-mail: izadzier@wp.pl
Faculty: Tourism and Recreation
Field of education: Tourism and Recreation

Studies completed at: Faculty of Geography, Warsaw University, doctoral studies in the Institute of Geography and Urban Planning of the Polish Academy of Science, Postgraduate studies at the School of Economics in Cracow.

Subjects taught: geography of tourism, local history, tourist regions, socioeconomic geography, demography.


Didactic/research interests: 

  • Socioeconomic development of the world. The role of tourism in the process. Disproportions arising in the standard of living of the inhabitants of well developed and less developed countries. Population growth in the world and its consequences. Countries of population explosion and demographic depopulation;
  • participation in tourism in countries of different economic status. Influence of contemporary economic policy, tourism included, on the situation of people in different regions of the world;
  • positive and negative consequences of tourism development. Contribution of globalization processes to the pauperization of the societies of touristically attractive countries;
  • contemporary trends in the development of towns and localities under the influence of tourism development;
  • new forms of space management in consequence of tourist investments interference; climate changes and their importance in the spatial structure of tourist traffic. Tourist attractiveness of countries and tourists regions.

Kontakt do Działu Rekrutacji

Katarzyna Broniszewska
tel. +48 22 45 72 400 
e-mail: rekrutacja@vistula.edu.pl
pok. 28

Alina Maksymova
tel. +48 22 45 72 404
e-mail: a.maksymova@vistula.edu.pl
pok. 28

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