Elżbieta Biernacka, PhD, DSc, ProfTit

e-mail: e.biernacka@vistula.edu.pl

Specialist in the the field of devastated land use management. Laureate of the Golden Laurel conferred by the Division V of the Polish Academy of Sciences for her outstanding contribution to the development of agricultural sciences; honorary Professor of the University of Warmia and Mazury; member of the Scientific Board of the Institute for Agricultural and Forest Environment of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Poznań.

Research interests

  • research in the field of environmental development including in particular areas used for tourism and recreation.


Katarzyna Błaszczyk, MsC

e-mail: k.blaszczyk@vistula.edu.pl

Master in Biology and Dietetics; currently a PhD student at the Faculty of Human Nutrition and Consumer Sciences at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences; author and co-author of several scientific publications; manager and contractor of national and international scientific grants; active participant and organizer of several dozen scientific conferences; laureate of numerous awards, including two awards of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences Rector, 1st prize for scientific achievements; since 2016, she has been running a dietary counseling center.

Research interests:

  • nutrition for children and infants;
  • nutrition for pregnant and lactating women


Piotr Dominik, BEng, PhD, associate prof. of VSH

e-mail: p.dominik@vistula.edu.pl

Graduate of the Faculty of Food Sciences (Food Technology) at Warsaw University of Life Sciences, PhD in agricultural sciences; completed doctoral studies in the field of food quality assessment, medical analysis and pedagogical studies; he studied at German universities in Trier, Freiburg and Bremen; co-managed a family hotel facility in Germany in 1987-1989;

in the years 2005-2006 held the position of the chief specialist for trainings and education of hotel and catering staff at the Polish Hotels Association; in the years 2011-2013 expert for HORECA at the Institute of Knowledge and Skills; speaker, consultant and trainer in the field of culinary tourism and the use of traditional culinary products cooperating with the Marshal’s Office of Mazovian voivodeship; author of academic textbooks, monographs, chapters in monographs and scientific articles in the field of nutrition, gastronomy and hospitality and culinary tourism; member of the Publishing Council and Editorial Board of Almamer Scientific Books; deputy editor-in-chief of the Problems of Tourism and Recreation magazine published by VSH; a member of the Editorial Board and a thematic editor of the Vistula University Working Papers; cooperates with industry magazines: Hotelarz, Przegląd Gastronomiczny, Hotel Polska i Horeca; coordinator of the VSH agreement with the Westin, Sheraton and Bristol hotels; he is taking care of the Student Scientific Club “Dietetyk” of VSH, Hospitality Management Club of VSH and the Culinary Tourism Club of VSH.

Research interests:

  • culinary traditions in tourism;
  • culinary tourism;
  • organization of catering services;
  • regional cuisine;
  • training of hotel and catering staff;
  • communication and interpersonal competences;
  • development of domestic and foreign hotel management;
  • nutrition for the physically active


Witold Drogoń BEng, PhD,

e-mail: w.drogon@vistula.edu.pl

Specialist in the field of hotel management, organization and management of hotel facilities and information protection in the enterprise; member of the Polish Hotel Industry Chamber, chairman of the team for domestic events of Polish diaspora of Cooperation with the Polish Community Abroad Commission of Polish Olympic Committeee; he also worked at the Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland, as the manager of the “KLONOWA” Hotel and the residence of the President of the Republic of Poland in the Belvedere; organizer of the nationwide conference “Bezpieczny hotel – oczekiwania i wyzwania wobec EURO 2012” (“Safe hotel – expectations and challenges towards EURO 2012”); author of textbooks for hotel technicians.

Research interests:

  • international hotel systems;
  • human resources management in the hotel industry – National Qualifications Framework;
  • Sectoral Qualifications Framework in tourism.

Józef Grochowicz, BEng, PhD, DSc, ProfTit, doctor honoris causa

e-mail: jozef@jozefgrochowicz.com / j.grochowicz@vistula.edu.pl


Specialist in the field of food engineering recognized in Poland and abroad; he published his research findings in the form of several dozen compact publications and over 500 peer-reviewed scientific papers (including one book published in English for the US Dept. of Agriculture); organizer of periodic Summer Schools for young academics; co-founder of the Polish Society of Food Engineering and Technology “SPOMASZ” (currently, honorary president); operates in international organizations and scientific institutions, holds positions of his own choice and by nomination – currently honorary Vice President of the CIGR (Commission Internationale du Genie Rurale), vice president of the Asian Association for Agricultural Engineering (AAAE), member of the Advisory Board of Kaziranga University in India; doctor honoris causa of the Koszalin University of Technology; awarded with the Medal of the National Education Commission, the Knight’s Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta; holder of the title of “Zasłużony Racjonalizator” (Deserved Innovator) – awarded by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland for patented inventions.

Research interests:

  • food quality and safety;
  • gastronomic technology and catering;
  • principles of design and technological equipment for catering and hotel facilities;
  • new technologies for minimal processing of raw materials;
  • science of food commodities;
  • functional food and the principles of its design;
  • culinary heritage;
  • promotion of the principles of rational nutrition;
  • catering support for the functioning and development of various forms of tourism;
  • agrotourism
  • enotourism


Natalia Grzebisz, PhD

email: n.grzebisz@vistula.edu.pl

PhD in Physical Education; specialist in sports nutrition; she is also a cross-country and alpine skiing coach; author of scientific and popular science publications related to sport and nutrition (Puls Medycyny, Magazyn Bieganie, BikeBoard, Gazeta Wyborcza, biegowki24.pl, biegambolubie.com.pl, bankier.pl and others); she cooperated with the Institute of Sport in Warsaw as a physiologist in such projects as “Talent” and “Identification of Young Talents” aimed at selecting future cycling champions; former member of the Polish Ski Federation team in cross-country skiing; currently, an amateur participant of skiing and cycling marathons and ultramarathons; she also provides training and dietary consulting for SN Klasyk Warszawa team members.

Research interests:

  • endocrine and immune reactions mediating in physiological adaptation to exercise in cycling macrocycle;
  • impact of nutrition, supplementation and doping on performance capacity and regenerative abilities.


Sylwia Gudej, MsC

e-mail: s.gudej@vistula.edu.pl

Academic teacher and professionally active dietitian; employed in Department of Inborn Errors of Metabolism and Paediatrics and the Paediatric Neurology Clinic in the Institute of Mother and Child in Warsaw, where she specializes in diet therapy of congenital metabolism defects, including ketogenic diet and its modifications; author and / or co-author of conference reports, scientific and popular science publications in the field of dietetics and human nutrition; manager and contractor of several scientific grants; laureate of the “Diamond Grant”, one of the most prestigious programs of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education; actively participates in the implementation of programs related to dietary prophylaxis and dietotherapy of civilization diseases and in promoting the profession of a dietician in Poland; member of the Polish Dietetic Association.

Research interests:

  • dietary recommendations in congenital metabolism defects;
  • medical therapy based on the ketogenic diet and its modifications;
  • nutritional education of various groups of the population.


Adam Mazur, PhD, DSc, prof. VSH

e-mail: a.mazur@vistula.edu.pl

Ph.D. in humanities; associate professor at the Vistula School of Hospitality; sociologist and expert in humanities having long-term experience in teaching at various levels of education; specialist in implementing educational tourism projects, regional education, implementing the principles of sustainable development, coeducation; he held the positions of: head of general subjects department, head of the hospitality and catering, deputy dean for student affairs and faculty dean. He has been a chairman of the Faculty Commission for Quality of Education and scholarships; he is a member of the faculty curriculum committee and a coordinator of the subject module.

Research interests:

  • sociology of education and intercultural education;
  • impact of tourist activity on development and functioning of humans as individual beings and as elements of the natural and socio-cultural environment;
  • issues of psychological phenomena and processes associated with tourism as a source of social change in specific environments, as well as psychological functioning of the tourist group and the meaning of intentional tourism;
  • main problems of religious and pilgrimage tourism in Poland and in the world.


Ewa Rasińska, BEng, MS

e-mail: e.rasinska@vistula.edu.pl

Expert in the field of rational, healthy nutrition; graduate of the Faculty of Human Nutrition and Consumer Science and Warsaw University of Life Sciences; she completed numerous trainings from the area of dietetics; participated in many projects related to healthy eating, took part in programs run by the Carrefour foundation – “ABC of Healthy Eating”, “ABC of Healthy Eating – ABC of Kids Nutrition”, “ABC of Children and Parents Nutrition”, in the project “Wiem co jem” (I Know What I Eat) aimed at persons responsible for nutrition in educational institutions and in the “Trzymaj Formę!” (Stay Fit!) program, addressed to 1-3 form gymnasium students.

Research interests:

  • technology and food production;
  • gastronomy;
  • national cuisines;
  • consumer service in gastronomy;
  • the content of selected nutrients (fatty acids) and the quality of food products


Agnieszka Sulich, BEng, PhD

e-mail: a.sulich@vistula.edu.pl

Graduate of the Faculty of Human Nutrition and Consumer Sciences of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences; author of scientific publications on assessment of consumption of bioactive compounds of plant origin in selected population groups; promoter of healthy lifestyle within the framework of the social campaign “Wiem, co jem” (I know what I eat); member of the Polish Society of Nutritional Sciences.

Research interests:

  • influence of active compounds in foods on human body;
  • vegetarians diets;
  • nutritional education of children, adolescents and adults.

Jolanta Żyśko, PhD, DSc, prof. VSH

e-mail: j.zysko@vistula.edu.pl

Rector of Vistula School of Hospitality in Warsaw. Since 1990, she has been involved in research and scientific works in the field of sports organisation and management; she completed an academic internship at the Institute of Sport & Leisure Policy of the University in Loughborough; she gave lectures at many foreign universities, including: the Deutsche Sporthochschule in Cologne, the University of Jyväskylä and the University of Bayreuth; since 2009, member of the management board of the European Association for Sport Management; she is an expert of the European Commission for management of human resources in sports and of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education for the implementation of the National Framework of Qualifications in Higher Education; she is also an expert for education quality of the State Accreditation Committee; she also won several championships of Poland in yacht racing, class 470, and participated in the Goodwill Games of 1986; in 2017, she received a nomination for the Director of the Institute of Sports – PIB (the National Research Institute) for the position of the chair of the Council for Competences of the Sports Sector, and she joined the group of Honorary Ambassadors of Polish Congresses; in 2018, the Minister of Sports and Tourism appointed her the Vice Chairperson of the Council for Education and Development of the Physical Education Staff, and she received the MP POWER AWARD in the category of associations.

Research interests:

  • organisation and management of sport;
  • sports marketing;
  • sports event;
  • sports policy.


Krzysztof Krygier, PhD, DSc

e-mail: k.krygier@vistula.edu.pl

Full professor in the field of food and nutrition technology; specialist in the field of fats and food additives and special foods; co-author of the “Safety in agri-food chain” textbook, author of about 300 scientific publications, promoter of 14 completed PhDs; he sits on the editorial and programming boards of several Polish and foreign magazines; member of many Polish and international scientific organizations, among others, he is a member of the board and representative of Poland in the European Federation for the Science and Technology of Lipids and the International Society for Fat Research; member of the Diet, Physical Activity and Health Council by the Minister of Health.

Research interests:

  • nutrition science;
  • human nutrition science.


Agnieszka Koper, MA

e-mail: a.koper@vistula.edu.pl

Gastronomy consultant; she has gained considerable experience in broadly understood Italian gastronomy, culinary tourism and traditions including in particular the use of traditional Italian products; her scientific research area primarily concerns the use of traditional products as part of Italian heritage with particular emphasis on their nutritional and social aspects; she collaborated with Università di Perugia and Università dei Sapori and graduated in international relations from Università di Perugia; she lives and works in Rome.

Research interests:

  • gastronimy;
  • culinary tourism;
  • heritage of the culinary tradition of Italy.

Conducted subjects:

  • production technologies of selected foods.


Krzysztof Celuch, PhD

e-mail: k.celuch@vistula.edu.pl

Speaker, business consultant, and an entrepreneur; he specialises in the meetings industry, event marketing, and event management; his scientific research, training observations, and keynotes, are all built on knowledge in economics, business psychology, sociology, marketing, and cultural studies; he conducts workshops and training sessions, delivers lectures and presider over panel discussions, debates, and management meetings, but also implements research projects, builds strategies and provides business consulting services; assisting organisations, institutions, and companies in the areas of management, communication, motivation and business development, with particular emphasis on the meetings industry (event marketing) is another “string to his bow”.

Research interests:

  • event industry;
  • targeted marketing;
  • event management and organisation;
  • current trends in business tourism;
  • CSR;
  • communication in global organisations.


Teresa Skalska, PhD, DSc, prof. VSH

e-mail: t.skalska@vistula.edu.pl

President of the Association for Research, Development and Promotion of Tourism; author of numerous projects and research papers, among others, in the field of inbound tourism to Poland, the impact of tourism on regional economy, sharing economy, tourism for persons with disabilities, the impact of tourism on the economy of big cities; author of many publications, e.g. from the area of satellite accounts and tourism for persons with disabilities.

Research interests:

  • competitiveness of the Polish tourism economy;
  • satellite tourism account;
  • regional satellite tourism accounts;
  • price survey on the tourist market;
  • sharing economy;
  • collaborative consumption;
  • tourism for people with disabilities and seniors;
  • the impact of tourism on the economy of big cities.

Hanna Zawistowska, PhD, DSc, prof. VSH

e-mail: h.zawistowska@vistula.edu.pl

Until 2018, associate professor at the Tourism Department of the Warsaw School of Economics; specialist in the field of tourism law, consumer protection of tourist services and the state’s tourism policy; in the years 1997-2011 she worked in central government administration bodies for tourism, on behalf of which she participated in the work of international organizations (EU, OECD, UNWTO; WTO) and in the work on the implementation of EU regulations on consumer protection of tourist services; head of Postgraduate Studies in Tourism and Hotel Management at the Warsaw School of Economics; author of over a dozen publications devoted to the issues of consumer protection of tourist services, setting up and running a business in tourism and tourism policy; lecturer in subjects from the area of law in tourism, protection of tourist services consumers, state tourism policy, event organization; manager of the project implemented in the years 2014-2015 aimed at developing a sectoral qualifications framework for the tourism sector; from November 2016, the chair of the Sectoral Council for Competences in Tourism.


Robert Vincze, MA

e-mail: r.vincze@vistula.edu.pl

Consultant in tourist destination management, hospitality and business development; former Director of the Slovak Convention Bureau; former Head of the EU funds implementation at the Slovak Tourist Board actively involved in raising the quality of the Slovak hospitality industry by managing a portfolio of projects worth over 200 million EUR; he has experience in project management in Banking, IT, Tourism and Healthcare sectors; he built the largest MICE private-public network in Slovakia; during his service in the Slovak Tourist Board, the Slovak inbound tourism reached record levels; Secretary General of the Slovakia for Hong Kong SME Association promoting business networking between China and Slovakia; managing Partner of multiple Chinese-Slovak Joint-Ventures.

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