Erasmus+ tours are a great opportunity to test and improve your skills. They allow you to meet other researchers and professionals, and initiate collaboration with other universities and institutions. They can serve to inspire your personal development and result in beneficial changes in our University’s professional work.

Staff mobility

Mobility under the Erasmus + program provides the employees with a good opportunity to check and improve their competences. It helps establishing new scientific, didactic and professional contacts and initiating cooperation with foreign universities or other institutions. It can provide an inspiration for further personal development and for implementation of changes at work which may enhance the potential of our University.

Erasmus+ Program Office

Erasmus+ Program Coordinator

Marzena Klimas
phone: +48 22 4572 368
fax: +48 22 4572 303

Erasmus+ Program Coordinator

Jasurbek Babaev
phone: +48 22 4572 316

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