Vistula Group offers a rich scholarship system that will allow you to reduce the cost of education. You can apply for non-returnable material help (from the state budget) in the form of:

  • Social Scholarship,
  • Social Scholarship increased due to the place of residence,
  • Rector’s scholarship for the best students,
  • Special Scholarship for the disabled,
  • Minister’s scholarship for exceptional achievements,
  • Incentive in case of a random event.

Remember! Applications are submitted in accordance with the scholarship schedule. Firstly by the USOSweb system in the COMMON SECTION – Applications tab. On-line application should be printed, signed and submitted in the scholarship department along with the required documentation.

more detailed information can be found in: Handbook Scholarships


Tuesday – Thursday from 11.00 to 15.00

working hours on Saturdays: January 12 and 19, from 11 to 15.00 p.m.

All matters regarding scholarships should be dealt with on given days.

You can also contact every day by email: or by telephone: 22 45-72-321

Studying foreigners can apply for all scholarships if:

a) they have been granted a permanent residence permit,
b) have a valid Polish Card (“Karta Polaka”),
c) having granted status of a refugee of Poland,
d) benefiting from temporary protection on the territory of Poland,

e) are migrant workers who are citizens of a European Union Member State, the Swiss Confederation or a member state of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) – parties to the Agreement on the European Economic Area, as well as members of their families if they live in the Republic of Poland,
f) they were granted a long-term resident’s residence permit for the territory of the Republic of Poland,
g) they were granted a temporary residence permit on the territory of the Poland in connection with the following:
• work in a highly skilled job
• connect with your family
• due to other circumstances

Studying foreigners can apply for all scholarships if:

h) subsidiary protection was granted on the territory of the Republic of Poland, (i) are nationals of European Union Member States, Member States of the European Free Trade Agreement (EFTA), parties to the Agreement on the European Economic Area or the Swiss Confederation and members of their families who have the right of permanent residence.

Foreigners can apply ONLY for a rector’s scholarship for high average, scientific, sports and artistic achievements if they have:
a) a residence card with the entry "access to the labor market",
b) a Schengen visa,
c) a national visa issued for the purpose of performing work on the territory of Poland.

Foreigners admitted to studies who have the right to apply for financial support for students and doctoral students submit the same sets of documents as Polish students, but all documents should be translated by a sworn translator of the Polish language.


Applications for scholarships can be submitted on the following dates:

From 01/09 to 10/10
After this date – by the 10th day of each month, the application should be included in the month in which it was submitted.

From 01/09/31/07
By the 10th of each month, the application should be included in the month in which it was filed.

In the winter semester from 01/09 to 10/10
In the summer semester from 01/02 to 10/03

Applications for minister's scholarships are submitted by the rectors of the university by 15 October. As a result, the student must complete all formalities at the university much earlier.

Applications can be submitted in the scholarship department of 120 or by post to the university address
Opening hours of the scholarship department:
Tuesday-Thursday 11.00-15.00
In order to check the current schedule and opening hours, please visit our website:

Apply online

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