I am very grateful to Vistula University for the given opportunity to participate in the Erasmus+ program. In autumn 2017, I visited Portugal (Porto city) for the first time. I studied management at ISCAP during 6 months and liked it a lot, as there were many exchange students from different countries and a good education. During my semester in Porto, I`ve learned a lot about the culture and visited more than 10 cities! Why this place is amazing is because it has a history, beautiful architecture, ocean & beach and finally, J.K. Rowling was inspired by this culture and started to write „Harry Potter” in this city. Saying „Bye” to a city with an Atlantic ocean, warm climate and tasty food was complicated, that is why I`ve decided to stay longer there and after graduating Vistula University I`ve started my Master degree in Porto.
I`d definetely advice everybody to not be afraid of going somewhere alone and to widen the knowledge about different cultures and countries!

Anel Sundetova

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